To move quickly between regions, or within a region, you can teleport. Sometimes it is the only way to move to an isolated region. It is required to move to regions that are hyperlinked to other grids.

To teleport you use the World Map. This can be opened from the Map button on the bottom bar of the viewer, the View menu or CTRL-M. You can zoom in and out using the zoom slider at the bottom of the map's sidebar, or using the scroll wheel on your mouse. Hovering over a region will show the name. To find a region use the search box on the map's sidebar. You need to enter at least 3 characters from the start of the name. Wild cards don't work but it finds all matches.

To teleport you can either click on any name found in the search results to go to the default location shown by the red circle, or you can double click on any valid area of the map to go there.

The red dot is also a pointer. While it is active this will show on your normal view as a huge red bar reaching to the sky and a red arrow pointing toward it. To remove it use the Clear button on the map's sidebar. It is automatically cleared if you teleport.