Moving Around

The simplest way to move is using the arrow keys on the standard keyboard. These can be combined with the CTRL, SHIFT and ALT to quickly do other movements and viewpoint related tasks while leaving the mouse to interact easily with other parts of the world. You can use keys at the same time so can, for example, turn while moving.

Basic Movement

The left and right arrow keys turn you while the up and down arrows move you forward and back in the direction you are facing. In most viewers holding down SHIFT will make the the left and right keys move you left and right without turning (also called sidling).

Jump using the PAGE UP key, crouch by pressing the PAGE DOWN key.


Walking is a slow process. You can run. Either by CTRL+R to turn it on or off, or via World on the menu bar and selecting "Always Run".


Even running can take time. The fastest way to move is by flying. Use the HOME key to start and stop flying. If you aren't already moving you will simply start to hover. While flying PAGE UP and PAGE DOWN (jump and crouch) now make you go higher or lower. You can also hold down the jump or crouch keys to start or stop flying with a leap or drop.

The turn left, right, move forward and backward behave the same as for walking.


Mouselook is a 1st person perspective. You can exit Mouselook with ESC or by zooming out (see Viewpoint).

While in Mouselook the avatar turns wherever the cursor is pointing. The left and right arrows do not turn but sidle you left and right. While flying you do not always need to use up or down, simply "look down" with the mouse and move forward.