Drop Objects While Editing

This is not really a bug but it is a common problem. Often you cannot select something to edit or are editing and it is delected (and the edit cancelled) when it is too far away from your avatar. A common situation is setting the Z height below ground level and losing the object completely.

This is a result of the viewer's Build Options setting for Select Distance. While this can be handy to stop accidental selecting of very distance objects in the same line of sight it can also be annoying when working with very large constructs. To disable it select the Advanced Build Options item under the Tools menu (also available by CTRL+SHIFT+B) and clear the checkbox for Limit Select Distance.

What to do if you lose an object

What happens if you accidentally move an object far away, or set its Z position to well below ground level? Or it is too small and you no longer know where it is?

All is not lost if you have given it a useful name, or it is only one of a few primitives. As long as you have unlimited select distance set as above you can try to locate it using the Area Object Search under the viewer's Advanced menu. If the Advanced menu is not visible check to see if it can be enabled under the View menu or use CTRL+ALT+D.

Enter the name of the item you are looking for and click Refresh. Any number of characters will do. In the example here we have lost a dwarf planet. Entering "p" brings up all items starting with that letter. If "plu" had been entered then it is likely only pluto would have shown up in the list.

Double clicking on the item will bring up a red marker and arrow like the teleport marker on the Map (CTRL+M) window. This marker is also turned off using the Clear button on the Map window.

More usefully you can right click the item and select Edit from the menu. Now you can enter some sensible coordinates in the X Y Z positions on the build tool, such as 128 128 30 to take it to the centre of the region (assuming nothing in the centre of the region and ground level is 20 there). Or use somewhere close to your avatar's coordinates as shown on the viewer's menu bar.