Objects in the Opensimulator world can be more than just static. Depending on their creator they can actively react to your avatar by being bumped into, chatted at, detecting something is nearby or being touched. Even completely passive objects can be sat on, although the location and angle can sometimes be a little unexpected!

You can also do various things like editing, picking up, copying, wearing and deleting.

The commonest way to interact with an object is by clicking on it with the mouse. For objects with predefined behaviour there are three cursors that may appear when you hover the mouse over them:

Touch: the item will react as if touched. The action that results from a touch is up to the creator.
Sit: clicking on the object will attempt to sit you on it. Objects like this usually have well defined sitting behaviour.
Open: this object contains other items. Clicking on it will open a window showing you its contents.

To touch something on purpose hold down the CRTL key and click on it. You will see the cursor change to the hand icon as you hold down CTRL.

The Action Wheel

If an object does not have a default action or you wish to do something specific such as edit it, take a copy, wear it, etc, then right click on it to bring up the Action Wheel. The wheel has the various options arranged on segments. What is offered will depend on what you have clicked and what permissions you have. The text for the Sit & Touch options can also be chnaged by the object to have more meaning, e.g. "Lie down", "Open Door".

To select an option just click on it. To close the wheel without doing anything use the ESC key or click on something else.

Right clicking on the ground will bring up a one wheel selection of land options. Yes you can happily sit crosslegged on the ground. Objects have a lot of options so there is a "more" segment that will take you through to others.

Land Menu

Rick clicked on the ground

First Wheel Menu

Right clicked on the box

Second Wheel menu

Clicked "More" on First Wheel