Hyperlinking is where a region on one simulator is linked to another simulator. You cannot walk or fly to these regions but instead must teleport. As you do so your avatar is transferred and automatically logged in to the target simulator as a guest. The Otago grid has hyperlinks for Auckland University and the Surveying School. Even if the target simulator does not have a link for your home simulator you can always simply "go home" to return to your original simulator (menu bar World -> Teleport Home or CTRL+SHIFT+H).

Note: at present if you pick up or get given objects on foreign simulators these are put into a new "My Suitcase" folder on your Inventory. You can copy items from here to put them into your Inventory for use but, with the current viewers, you cannot delete or rename anything in this suitcase. You can pre-empt this problem or correct it afterwards by reading the fix here.


Grid owners - feel free to create a hyperlink to our grid. As a visitor you will not be able to do much but you are welcome to participate and view. Do tell us your own grid so we can link in return.

Please link to our Woodhaugh region at http://nzvwg.otago.ac.nz:8002/ Woodhaugh