Connecting to the Grid

Once you have the client installed and an account approved you can connect to and login to the Opensimulator. The Imprudence and Hippo clients both have grid managers built in. The Second Life client is purpose built and does not easily support multiple services. The information needed to connect is a special web address called a Login URI. The URI for this grid is

The Firestorm Viewer configures its grids through the Preferences menu (ctrl+P) under the Opensim section. Simply enter the Login URI in the Add Grid box.

On the Hippo and Imprudence clients' opening screen you will see a dropdown to select a grid and a Grid Manager button. This may vary depending on the version and type of client. It is on the right hand side of the Hippo 0.63 client's login screen. These examples are from the Imprudence 1.40 client.

Go into the grid manager and select "Add New Grid". Again this may not look quite the same as this example from the Imprudence viewer.

For gridname enter NZVWG. For Login URI enter

Now click on Get Grid Info. It should fill in the other information such as login page, account, etc as shown below. Not all will be filled in. For some grids this may be none. However you should not expect any error even if the fields remain blank. If you get an error such as "unable to get grid info" then check your login URI.

Otherwise click OK to return to the client's opening screen. Current Imprudence clients may complain about an empty entry at this point, ignore it.

You should now be able to select the nzvwg grid from the drop down list on the opening screen and login using your avatar name and password. To reduce clutter you can go back into the grid manager and delete most of the other grids.

Once you are logged in you can have a look around.

Until you select a home location the simulator may have said it cannot find your home and has selected a nearby region. This is expected. Use the "Set Home To Here" item on the "World" menu on the viewer to set the current location as your home.

If you are new to Opensimulator or Second Life then have a look at the pages on Moving Around.