Client Software

The recommended clients are the Imprudence Viewer, the Hippo Opensim Viewer and the Firestorm Viewer (formerly Phoenix). We do not advise the using the Second Life client as it is not easily configured for other simulators. As of version 3.5.1 (April 2013) the Second Life Viewer no longer seems to connect.

Regardless of the client you will need a reasonably modern computer. The mimimum advised specification is a 2Ghz Pentium 4 processor, 2Gb of RAM and a graphics card with 64Mb of memory. A dual core processor or better is recomended. The client's level of detail can be tuned to reduce load. A three button wheel mouse is recommended.

Download the viewer for your operating system from one of the following sites

    Imprudence Viewer
    (Current 1.4.0 Beta 2 recommended)
  • All Clients
    Hippo Opensim Viewer (Linux & Windows only)
  • All Clients

Simply download the software and install it much as you would for other packages on your operating system. For Windows run the executable. On OS X you will extract the application from the zip file into your Applications folder. For the Linux client you should be familiar with installing software. It may not have too many instructions included but they usually seem to have a shell script with the name of the viewer.

These viewers can be fussy about the drivers for the video card on Windows. For Windows users who are informed that they need "the latest drivers" this usually means downloading the driver software from the manufacturer to replace the default drivers installed by Windows.