Shape and Appearance

To change your avatar shape and colour either select Appearance from the Edit menu or right click the avatar and select Appearance from the Action Wheel. The avatar will position in a standard T and you will get the Appearance window.

To see results you can click on the avatar to focus on an area. You can click and hold on your avatar and either drag the mouse up and down or use the scroll wheel to zoom in or out. Dragging to either side rotates around the avatar.

The window opens on the Shape options.

The first thing you may notice is that, on a newly created avatar, you cannot change the preset clothing or body. To start to alter anything you either have to put on something new that you own or make a new one from scratch. If you got a copy of the default set using the instructions on the Customising Your Avatar page you will have a set to start with.

For clothing you can make new items in the Appearance window when you are not already wearing one (try socks for instance) or by taking them off (which achieves the same thing as not having had them). Note that taking off one of the default items (not one from your inventory) will lose it.

The default shape, skin, hair and eyes are different. You cannot take these off and must use the Inventory based approach.

To create a new item in your Inventory (you don't need to close the Appearance window) open it and right click on a folder. Try to make this a relevant folder such as Clothing or Body Parts, but anywhere will do. You can always move it later. Select what you are after (New Clothes or New Body Part) and the specific item from the list after that. Enter a name for it. Right click it and select Wear.

The default new shape is female but this can be changed.

Have a play. The major headings of Shape, Skin and Hair have a whole selection of other finer changes that can have some wonderfully bizarre results. You can always create another base to start again or put the default avatar back on. If you edit anything you want to keep use the option to Save As so you don't lose the original.

The last point on appearance is the use of textures and tattoos. These can be used to apply greater detail to skin, hair and eyes beyond the scope of the Appearance sliders. Either really as tattoos or total skin covers. Clicking on the Iris box in the Eyes section or Head, Upper and Lower Tattoos in the Skin section allows you to load a texture from your Inventory. The textures for these are quite specialised in the way they map to the item, see the sample for the head below. A plain texture will work but may look odd. You are welcome to try a wood texture to get the Pinnochio of your dreams. You can easily remove these tattoos by selecting the Blank, Default or None texture. In most cases the sliders still have an effect but unless the texture is a grey scale the colour sliders have no effect. Textures for new skins, eyes and hair can be found on the web. There may be some in resources pages on this site or in the NZVWG Otago Emporium.