Accessories and Objects

Objects you might attach to yourself vary from fancier body parts such as hair that can move to accessories like sunglasses, wrist watches and more detailed clothing like boots. There are also special objects intended to be put into a Head Up Display to enhance your view or experience. Examples of this are advisors and radars.

To wear an object from your Inventory right click it and select Attach To. To wear an object in the world right click it and use Attach To from the Action Wheel. Similarly Detach will take off the object. If you have previously worn an object then you can select Wear and it will be put in the last place you wore it with the last position. Attach to HUD is the special case where objects can put into your Head Up Display.

Attaching an object for the first time does not always have predictable results. Items may be positioned or rotated oddly. If so you will need to right click it, select Edit from the Action Wheel, and move, resize or rotate it to suit. Once it has been positioned this will be remembered for the next time you attach or wear it.

While there are a lot of possible locations (skull, spine, left upper arm, foot, etc) with the exception of the HUD you can only have one object attached to a location at a time. You do not need to take off any other object already in the same place - you will be prompted to replace it. To have several in one place you will have to copy, edit and link them into a single object.