Customising Your Avatar

Avatar appearance can be customised from changing sex, basic clothing and appearance to the "wearing" of attachments like hair and accessories like jewelry or changing the way they walk and stand. The basic appearance is a mix of shape, colours and clothing layers. The clothing layers automatically conform to the avatar shape. More complex or detailed changes can be made using skins, tattoos and textures, attachments and custom animations.

Before you start it is suggested that, if you have a new avatar and are just beginning, you get the default avatar pieces and some sample clothing textures. These are currently in 2 suitcases by the Welcome sign in the main Woodhaugh region. These contain the default avatar shapes, skins and clothing and a set of clothing textures. Touching the suitcases and selecting Keep on the popup will put a selection of items into new folders in your Inventory named "Default Avatars" and "Clothing Textures".