Voice Chat

This simulator supports Voice Chat. While you may still be required to type in chat infomation to communicate with objects or other users you can use the Voice Chat facility on the viewer to talk with other users using a head-set or any microphone. They do have to have voice chat enabled to hear you but do not need a microphone unless they want to talk as well.

To enable this on Hippo and Imprudence go to the preferences (CTRL+P). On the Voice Chat option select "Enable voice chat". With a 3 button mouse it is easier to manage chat on/off using the middle mouse button as a toggle switch so also check the "Use push-to-talk" setting. Other settings such as device volumes can be checked later.

Pressing OK will, for the first time you use voice on this computer, bring up the Vivox Voice agreement screen. Depending on your network connection this can take a while before you can finally check the "I Agree" box and click Continue.

Windows users may also be prompted by the firewall to allow SL Voice to pass through. Accept and allow this or it won't work!

If voice is successfully enabled you should now get a small glowing white dot above the head of your avatar. This may take a few seconds to appear as the server registers the request but should not be longer than a minute. If no dot appears then there may be issues with your firewall, but do check the preferences again just in case.

At this point you can begin chatting. If you chose to have the middle button (or whatever you chose as a toggle) act as a push-to-talk toggle you can press this and you should get some green sound waves emitting from the white dot as the microphone is activated. These will vary with the volume of your chat. Clicking the toggle (middle mouse) button again will switch your microphone off again. If you do not get these then check the device chosen and the volume settings in the Voice Chat preferences.

If you did not elect to have push-to-talk you can click and hold the talk button with your left mouse button, or click on the small lock button beside it to lock it on or release it. You can see the advantage of using the push-to-talk mode.

And enjoy chatting away!