Instant Messaging

Also shortened to IM. It is not limited by distance and may persist across sessions. The messages are only sent to the chosen avatars or group. To Instant Message someone they must be a Friend or you must both be members of the same Group. This privacy and sim wide link can be quite useful for discussions.

Sending an IM when not already communicating results in a small prompt on the recipient's viewer.

The interface for this depends greatly on the viewer. Hippo has an IM button. Imprudence uses a Communicate button. They also have an "Instant Message" or "Communicate" item on the menu bar's View menu. The window used is similar to the Local Chat window but will have tabs for both groups and friends. Again the options for working with friends and groups within the IM window vary greatly. Friends can be added via "Add" on some, "Invite" on others.

Friends can be managed via the menu var Edit -> Friends option. For groups this is the menu bar Edit -> Groups. Anyone can create a group and invite others to join. Groups will automatically be deleted if no one but the creator joins them so only make when you know someone is available and ready to accept an invitation. Groups have more uses in the way permisions are granted to regions and objects.