Gestures are actions the avatar can perform. From a smile or shrug to a belly laugh, shock or dancing.Opensim comes with a library of basic gestures and you can make your own. To use any of the standard gestures open your Inventory and navigate to the Opensim Library's folder Gesture Library.

Double click on a gesture to bring up its properties and you can preview it. Not all the names are completely accurate. Right click a gesture and select Active to add it to the gestures you can use. Similarly right click and use Deactivate to remove a gesture from your selection.

Once you have an active gesture it is accessible from the Gestures button on the Chat Bar. Use the list arrow on the right hand side of the button and select a gesture from the list to play it. You can also assign a shortcut key to a gesture for quick access (see below).

Clicking the Gestures button opens a box allowing you to view and manipulate them. It is not as functional as using the Inventory.

To be able to assign shortcut keys and make other changes you should copy the gesture from the Opensim Library folder and paste it into the Gestures folder in your My Inventory. Now if you double click a gesture and get the properties you can make changes.

The commonest change is to assign a shortcut key. Stick to simple ones like CTRL+letter that won't be captured by chat or aren't likely to be already in use. The quickest way to find if one is in use is by trying it. For example CTRL+1, 2, etc are used for shortcuts into build screens. Many letters are already in use but you can either find one that isn't or decide that the feature it opens isn't a priority for you. The shortcut will only override it and not remove it.

To make your own gesture right click on the Gestures folder in My Inventory and select New Gesture. You can combine animations, sounds, chat and noises. While you don't have to go overboard you can make a few simple ones using existing animations (finger wags, backflips) that are apparently hidden from the general inventory view. You can also use your own assets, either imported or made yourself.