Chat is used to talk to other avatars. It can also be used to send instructions to objects.

The basic chat bar is opened using the chat icon in the bottom left corner, or just pressing ENTER. Any letters typed will now be entered in the chat bar. You do not need to have clicked on it with the mouse. The editing is fairly simple. Arrow keys do not work but you can use the mouse to select a location in the message. Otherwise it is just delete and backspace. Beware of delete in case you accidentally delete something you are working on.

To send the message hit ENTER.

Your message will pop up on the viewer of everyone within close range (about 30m). To make youself heard from further away use CTRL+ENTER to shout it and it will be heard up to 100m. To keep it quieter use SHIFT+ENTER to whisper and it will only be heard within 10m.

You can also see what has been said and who may be listening by opening the Local Chat window (the Hippo viewer button is labelled "History"). You can use this for chatting as well but, unlike the chat bar, it doesn't automatically capture the keyboard and you have to click on the text box to enter a message. Both will work at the same time or independently.

Use the [<<] button to show or hide the list of people in the conversation.

For more options see Instant Messaging, Gestures and Voice Chat.