Welcome to the NZVWG Otago Opensim.

This node has been established with an academic focus for University of Otago students and staff. It is intended for research and education, as well as for proof-of-concept testing. Note that there are now 2 grids at the University of Otago - the "NZVWG Otago Portal" (this one, maintained by the Department of Information Science) and the Surveying School's "Survgrid". Both grids are enabled for voice chat.

Our login URI is http://nzvwg.otago.ac.nz:8002

If you wish to request a usercode on our local grid or manage your account go here.

Some useful links:

Imprudence Viewer
(Current 1.4.0 Beta 2 recommended)

Firestorm Viewer
(Previously Phoenix)

Hippo Opensim Viewer
(Linux & Windows only)

Opensimulator Resources
LSL Scripting Wiki

Do you visit other grids and have a My Suitcase folder full of items you can't do anything with? There's a fix here.